Software Developers

What if my software stops working and client takes legal action against me?

If a client deems you to be negligent and your software is deemed to be unfit for purpose your client may seek legal action against you in ored to rectify any issues with the software.

You would need to have professional indemnity insurance in place to ensure protection for any claims made against you.

Have you insured all your tech?

Have you taken an inventory of all of your equipment that’s in the office but also that you take out of the office.

We all know developers like to work unusual hours and can work in any location so its important to make sure you have sufficient cover for all you tech inside and outside your office.

Am I insured for dealing with Intellectual Property?

Dealing with a clients intellectual property can be extremely sensitive, if you happen to breach a patent or misappropriate a trade secret having technology insurance in place can help defend your position.

What happens if a client thinks I have breached a contract?

Often software development projects are complex, lengthy and constantly changing. As such things can often wrong, delays can happen people at the customer can change all leading to potential claims against breaches in contract.

The good news is that as part of a specific technology insurance cover you can widen the normal breach of contract policy wordings giving you sufficient protection should something happen.

What happens if I accidently use something that is copyrighted?

It’s ok, your technology insurance would provide the legal cover of you any unintentional use a copyrighted image if the owner of the image decides to seek damages from you.

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