How to protect your farm machinery

Do you know that you have legal obligations to check you farm machinery?

As a farmer you are NOT exempt from these regulations.

The main two legal requirements are:-

  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulations – PSSR (2000)
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations – LOLER (1998)


Ensure that any items that fall under these regulations are checked accordingly.

Check your environmental exposures

Environmental concern is an ever-increasing topic. With the move away from the use of plastics in wider society, businesses in the UK are being put under pressure to reduce their environmental impact.

None more so than rural communities where the protection of the land and wildlife is at the heart of the community. As such it is even more important to check what exposures you could have.

See more information here about Environmental Liability.

Be careful about farm cyber exposures

In the modern rural industry, we know that technology plays an integral part to your operations. Cyber is becoming the number one insurance risk so you should consider your exposures and think about cyber insurance.

The main pitfalls we see for farmers are:-

  • Online Banking – Whilst you will operate with online banking your IT infrastructure may not warrant an outsourced IT company. You may be liable to hackers stealing your passwords and getting into your bank accounts.
  • Paying Suppliers – Also known as social engineering, this is where someone will hack into your emails and pretend to be a supplier, copying their invoice and asking you to pay to their new bank account. As this is you changing the details then your bank doesn’t class this as fraud, as such you would be left out of pocket for any payments made. The good news is that you can have cyber insurance to cover this.
  • Business Interruption – Technology plays a big part in farming, whether it’s the automation in your milking facility or GPS tracking on your tractor, hackers are looking at ever increasing ways to gain financially by disrupting your business.

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