Heating, Ventilation & Refrigeration

Don’t get caught out in the cold with your insurance. Here are some of the main risks we come across with our HVACR clients.

Am I covered designing systems for my clients?

Design work wouldn’t be covered under a standard liability policy, for this you will need to obtain Professional Indemnity insurance (PII). This covers you against negligence for your designs failing or advice you have given to customers about their Heating & Ventilation work.

Do insurers care if I am member of BESA (formerly HVAC)?

1000% YES! Insurers are looking at the potential risks of the work you are carrying out, as such any accreditation shows quality in your work and as such as perceived to be a lower risk.

What if I contract/use other HVAC contractors to help me on a job?

If you subcontract another HVAC onto some work you are doing then they are defined as either

  1. Labour Only Electricians – This means they do not have their own insurance in place and effectively are deemed an employer of yours from and Employers Liability point of view
  2. Bona Fide Electricians – This means they have their own insurance in place, however should this insurance fail the claim will be made against your policy. Also, watch out for a condition on your policy that states that the bona fide HVAC must have the same limit of indemnity as you. So if you have £5m Public Liability Insurance (PL) as your contractor to show you evidence they have the same limit.

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