Clip ‘n Climb

Did you know Financial Affairs are the preferred supplier of insurance to the Clip ‘n Climb franchise in the UK?

As we insure many of the centres in the UK, we have the perfect solution to either help you set up a new centre, review your existing centre or install a Clip ‘n Climb.

The benefits of using our specialist Clip ‘n Climb Insurance exceeds any cover alternative in the current insurance market.

Below are some of the common areas to help you protect your Clip ‘n Climb centre:-

What if my Clip ‘n Climb centre is part of a larger complex?

Not every centre operates solely as a Clip ‘n Climb centre and specialist insurers understand this so it’s not uncommon to have multiple activities in the same complex.

All you need to do is make sure you have informed your broker of all the activities.

What if I have a large amount of cash on the premises?

Whilst we are moving to a cashless society, we do understand that sometimes you will hold a large amount of cash on site. As such you need to have a policy with increased money cover limits and flexibility in how and when this is banked.

Clip ‘n Climb cyber insurance

Whilst you will operate mainly without computers you are still at risk as a business owner. Here are a few risks we have identified for the sector and why you should consider Clip ‘n Climb Cyber Insurance:-

Cyber crime

You will no doubt use online banking to pay your suppliers. One of the biggest risks we see is cyber criminals hacking your emails and pretending to be suppliers, changing their bank details and then obtaining payments from you. As you have made the change your bank won’t protect you. Calculate your exposures to your main suppliers and always verify by phone if the bank details change with your main contact.

Client records

Holding client’s personal client data securely is ever more important. We have seen a trend in cyber criminals now targeting smaller business owners to obtain personal information. This can cause a number of issues especially if this is personal information. You could be faced with regulatory fines and not to mention the reputational damage it could cause your business.

Abuse cover

Your main priority is to look after your clients whilst they are enjoying the facilities, but if a claim against a member of your team comes in you want to ensure you have specialist cover to protect your business.

Are you serving food?

If you are serving food or drinks, then you want to ensure you have extensions on your policy in order to be covered for this.

This is especially important if you are serving hot food, have any deep fat fryers or any other hot cooking facilities as this increases the risks to the insurers.

Events / exhibitions

It’s great to get out and show off your Clip ‘n Climb centre and can be a great way to get new clients and spread the word in your community.

Just ensure you have your equipment insured and check with your insurers that you are covered whilst attending any exhibitions.

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Main Clip ‘n Climb Policy Benefits

The policy contains countless benefits, a full summary is available but these include:

  • Abuse cover is included as standard
  • Interest free credit
  • Website hacker damage
  • Automatic cover for gross revenue replacing business interruption
  • Automatic cover for money with very flexible cash limits
  • Full all risks cover
  • Flexibility for temporary extensions and additional cover requirements on an ad hoc basis

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