It’s all about your Financial Wellness…

Financial Wellness is our way of knitting together all elements of financial planning to give an overall assessment of your current state of financial health.

This is the gold standard for us as it allows us to analyse and illustrate ‘the extent to which someone’s financial situation and the financial capability that they have developed provide them with security and freedom of choice.’

Financial Wellness is an area that has become a focus for employers and organisations but is still not regularly discussed with individuals in spite of the fact that 94% of people surveyed by Close Brothers in their 2019 survey admitted to worrying about money.

Only 45% of respondents had a financial plan and only 23% of these had updated their plan within the last 12 months. These statistics perfectly illustrate the role of a professional such as Financial Affairs in helping clients to create and maintain a financial plan with the objective of improving their financial wellness.

Undoubtedly this can have a positive impact on client’s wider wellbeing as 59% of people in a recent PWC survey rated financial or money matters as the top cause of stress for them.

Financial Affairs will consider your known needs and benchmark you against your peers for all of the following areas.

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The Guide to Risk Resilience During COVID-19

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