Why it’s important to use a broker for your Travel Insurance

People tend to know about a few large insurance companies and feel like it is safe to use their services without taking the time to explore other options. However, you could be losing out without even knowing it. There are many benefits to using a broker for your travel insurance. These include:
  • Choices: as a broker we can offer travel insurance packages from a number of providers, allowing us to find the best policy for your needs
  • Support: our team can offer that all-important support during a claim case
  • Savings: there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, and because we have access to more choices, we can always find the best solution for your specific needs
  • Advice: we are totally transparent and we will take the time to explain why we would recommend one policy over another


With COVID restrictions lifting, many people are starting to book holidays but it is more important than ever that you have the right covers in place for your travel insurance.

Below is an overview of why you should use an expert when booking your travel insurance. Many online platforms don’t offer even the basic covers let alone the covers that should be essential in the ‘new normal’.

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Cover Description FA Product Typical Online Product*
Medical Emergency Cover if you suffer a medical emergency whilst on your travels STANDARD STANDARD
Cancellation Cover Cover for trips being cancelled STANDARD STANDARD
Baggage Cover for your personal belongings STANDARD STANDARD
SAFI Scheduled Airline Failure – If the airline goes into liquidation and your trip gets cancelled. STANDARD Not covered as standard Optional add on
Travel Disruption If you are booking separate travel and hotels i.e. if your flight gets cancelled and you cannot make your hotel booking this will pay out for the entire trip. STANDARD Not covered as standard Optional add on
Cruise Cover Extra Benefits if you have to confine to your cabin or if you book trips that are cancelled for instance if the Cruise ship cannot dock. You also get increased baggage and valuables limits so you can look your best on the cruise! Optional Add On Not covered
Medicals Cover for your pre existing medical conditions Thousands of medical conditions covered Call Centre with restricted medical conditions covered
Activities Activities during your trip such as sports activities or hobbies 200 + Auto Covered 33 Auto Covered
Independent Travel On a Group policy people can travel independently from one another, i.e. Mum and Dad can go to Rome, Son to Ibiza and Daughter to Paris all at the same time! STANDARD Not Covered
Travel Delay Compensation if flight delayed for more than 12 hours STANDARD Not covered as standard Optional add on
COVID Cover Cover for

1.       If you are denied boarding due to suspected COVID or someone on the plane has suspected COVID

2.       If you contract COVID and have to self Isolate and cant travel

3.       If you are visiting another person i.e. family member and they get covid preventing you from traveling

4.       If your accommodation has to close due to COVID and you cant travel

STANDARD Not covered as standard Optional add on
Excess The amount you pay if you have a claim £50 £149
Personal Claims Service When you have a claim, who helps guide and advise you on all things about your trip, finding Caroline – Trusted Claims Adviser Call Centre


*Financial Affairs Travel Insurance Study 2021

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The Guide to Risk Resilience During COVID-19

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