Pay as You Go car insurance

What is the number one factor facing new and young drivers? The cost. 

When we start talking about learning to drive, the big issue is the rising cost of car insurance. That’s why we’re working on something really special to help get more young people on the road – Get insurance on a parent’s or grandparent’s car with our pay as you drive car insurance, only paying for the miles you need!

What is Pay as You Go car insurance?

Rather than being added to a family member’s or guardian’s insurance and watching the cost shoot up, the pay-as-you-go smart black box allows young people to take back control and only pay for the miles that they actually drive. This means if your car is sitting idle you’re not spending a penny. 

The policy starts with 500 miles and the driver can then arrange an auto top of 100 to 500 miles when there are 50 miles left. The miles are valid for 12 months and you can keep on top of them with a handy app to see just how many you have left. 

Why choose Pay as You Go Insurance?

  • No restrictions. Unlike other black boxes, this one doesn’t have curfews or night time driving restrictions.
  • Keep your parents ‘No claims bonus’ protected and start earning your own.
  • Save money by only paying for what you need.
  • Get an automatic top up amount so you’re never without protection.

Who can use Pay as You Go Insurance?

Pay as You Go insurance is suitable for: 

  • Provisional & full licence holders aged 17-27
  • If you’re driving a parent’s, grandparents or guardians car 
  • Paying just for the miles you need 
  • Students looking for flexible cover while away at University

This cover is not suitable for:

  • Insuring a young driver’s own personal car
  • Insuring a car more than £30,000

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