Financial Affairs joins the Burnley Economic Recovery Growth Board

Financial Affairs joins the Burnley Economic Recovery Growth Board

Our managing director, Laurence O’Connor, has been asked to join the Burnley Economic Recovery Growth Board, set to bring together key partners from the public and private sectors to respond cohesively to the immediate challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic on local businesses.

Laurence is no stranger to giving back to the business community, having previously been appointed as Chairman of the Board of the Burnley Business Improvement District. As a well-established business owner in the area, Laurence can be trusted to bring expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm to this new initiative. 

“I am very proud to join the board”, explains Laurence.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created disruptions within the business community and brought on changes that some were not prepared to tackle. Our key aim will be to coordinate and maximise the effectiveness of the Council and its strategic partners, working collaboratively to achieve the economic recovery the town deserves.”

This new board is set to be the voice between the public and private sectors, looking at the Recovery, Renewal and Reset agenda, as well as tackling the low-carbon agenda. The members will work with the Government and other national bodies to ensure that the necessary resources and tools to support the delivery of a ‘leveling-up’ agenda are secured and ‘touch down’ locally in the borough. 

“I am looking forward to playing a part in communicating Burnley’s economic recovery and growth priorities in a strong and consistent manner”, continues Laurence.

“We are set to help shape a renewed local economy with businesses able to adapt and diversify into alternative and multi-sector supply chains, and people able to up-skill into good quality sectors and jobs, which contribute to increasing the borough’s economic productivity.”

The Burnley Economic Recovery Growth Board will help the town survive and thrive in a post-Covid world and Financial Affairs are just the right business to help shape Burnley’s future.

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