Financial Affairs and Graham Engineering – A 40 Year Partnership

It was in the late 1970s that a young engineering entrepreneur named Corry Graham met Michael O’Connor, the man whose company would help financially steward his emerging business into a thriving, successful organisation.

Mr Graham founded Nelson-based Graham Engineering in 1970, the year of Apollo 13, the breakup of the Beatles and Pele inspiring Brazil to the World Cup in Mexico. Although beginning with just a single member of staff the company had larger ambitions and today can boast more than 180 employees.

During that period of growth over four decades, right up to the present day, Graham Engineering have used Burnley-based Financial Affairs to provide them with their insurance and financial planning requirements.

Today, Financial Affairs is run by Managing Director Laurence O’Connor, son of founder Michael, and it was Laurence that recently took the initiative to surprise Graham Engineering Financial Director Frank Kelly and Stuart Fraser on a recent visit with a cake to celebrate their ruby anniversary.

One of the reasons that Frank believes the relationship with Financial Affairs has lasted so long is because they have an intrinsic knowledge of the firm and there are very specific requirements which Financial Affairs have provided Graham Engineering over the years due to the nature of the industry.

“From a Financial Affairs point of view they’ve got to run with you and investing and pushing for the future and fluctuating turnovers”, explained Frank.

He added: “There’s a relationship that has gone back many years with Financial Affairs, through generations, from the owner of Graham Engineering to Laurence’s dad. They know Graham Engineering, which is good because our insurance and pension needs are very specific to the industry.”

Graham Engineering work across a broad range of industry sectors including aerospace, the automotive industry and much more, producing an eclectic mix of products.

One of their current products is mains pressure hot water cylinders. These cylinders negate the need for a hot water tank in the loft and they also provide full pressure for things life power-showers, as all the power is coming from the mains and there are no pumps required.

They also manufacture components for Rapiscan baggage scanners, which utilise robotic welding and cut the production time from one hour to ten minutes. With products like this full insurance cover is absolutely necessary and Financial Affairs have provided Graham Engineering with the tailored package they require.

The long-standing partnership between Financial Affairs and Graham Engineering has been a mutually beneficial one for over 40 years and both parties look forward to much more to come.

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