Employers Liability in a Post-COVID workplace

Employers have had many adjustments to make since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and there still may be more to come. Even as the UK begins to reopen fully and return to life somewhat resembling pre-COVID conditions, it’s important for organisations to realise that many things have changed.

Many changes in firms daily operations will have sizable effects on various workplace exposures and liabilities. Potential issues that may need to be addressed could stem from building closures during the pandemic or the ongoing utilisation of remote work.

Whether employees are returning to a traditional work environment or continuing to work remotely, employers are responsible for their health and safety. Even an employee who develops a health problem while working full-time from home could file an employers’ liability claim.

According to Aviva Director of Commercial Claims Chris Hughes, the insurance organisation has observed a noticeable decrease in claims related to workplace slips, trips and falls. But while there may be fewer workplace accidents associated with the aforementioned risks due to fewer employees in the physical workplace, other risks may become more prominent.

Some questions employers should consider asking themselves to assess
potential sources for liability claims after the pandemic include:

  • Have all employees been provided with appropriate equipment to maintain good ergonomics?
  • Do managers communicate regularly with remote employees to notice and provide support for various issues, such as feelings of isolation or burnout?
  • Has the water system in physical workplaces been tested for legionella
  • Have building inspections and equipment maintenance and testing remained up to date during the pandemic?
  • Is there a good cleaning procedure in place at physical workplace, are there sufficient access to sanitisation and cleaning equipment for team members

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The Guide to Risk Resilience During COVID-19

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